Sharon Baptist Church
Monday, January 21, 2019
Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ




Lottie Moon Christmas Offering:
Are we there yet?
More than 6,400 unreached people groups would say no. But there is promising news – for the first time in history, researchers can identify the people groups that remain untouched by the Gospel. What does this mean? We could conceivably reach the rest of the world in our lifetime! Yet, because offering receipts are down, Southern Baptists haven’t been able to send as many people as God’s calling out. Let’s start to reverse that trend! This year, let’s give as much as we can to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® so more workers can carry a witness to those waiting to hear.

What can our church do that all might know Him?
The anticipated and beautiful vision of all peoples knowing and praising God comes closer to being realized as Christians seek unreached people groups to tell them the story of Jesus. Are we there yet? Not yet. But now that we know who the remaining unreached people groups are and where they live, we can get there in our generation. It will be costly, however. What can our church do? We can own the Great Commission as never before. We can pray. We can serve. And we give sacrificially to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® so those called to invest their lives sharing the Gospel can go.

Your giving matters!
Think your gift to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® won't make a difference? Every penny given to Lottie Moon is used to help support more than 5,000 Southern Baptist missionaries serving overseas. Last year, those missionaries reported 506,019 baptisms and 24,650 new churches. The lost are believing because you give!

Give so they can share
Southern Baptist missionaries can’t carry the Gospel to the ends of the earth without our support. How much will you give to reach the remaining lost? Think about what you are spending on Christmas gifts. Then consider giving your biggest gift to God – through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering®. The 2010 goal was $175 million.
Sharon Baptist Church will be a particpating church with the New South River Baptist Association in the "On Mission Celebration" (OMC) that has been planned for September 8 - 12, 2012. "On Mission Celebration" is where Missionaries from our International Mission Board, the North American Mission Board and the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina come to churches within our association from Sunday through Wednesday night. The participating churches will have 5 Missionaries come to their church for 5 wonderful services. Please plan now to attend these services as we become more familiar with what is going on in the mission fields of the world.